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SENVS Suzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.Founded in July 2007, the company is headquartered in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage, east of Shanghai, the south of Zhejiang and strategic location, and has offices in the rest of the country and other places, the company since since the founding committed to serving the high-end manufacturing enterprises, and constantly improve their own level and adhering to the "integrity, professional management, service first" business philosophy.

  • Full of new energy vehicles Quality Solutions


    From energy to eMotion comprehensive new energy automotive quality solutions Zeiss new energy automotive solutions Zeiss product line of high-precision equipment, provides a unique overall quality control solution for all the components of electric vehicles: battery, electric drive motor and transmission - From energy to eMotion. - From energy to eMotion. Read More

  • Enter production


    Not just into the production constantly faced with new challenges these two materials metal and plastic composite parts production industry must master. How to make multi-million euro production systems quickly put into production is the key to success. For this purpose, the German stamping and composite parts manufacturers KRAMSKI Zeiss company uses a complex measuring machine. Complex measuring machine speeds up the challenge KRAMSKI first-article inspection company: fast batch measurement to fully adjust to the mold before mass production, the samples must be measured over 100 parts, this is a common thing in KRAMSKI company. For each component, it must ensure quality control than 500 features. For the measurement technician, the once make the first set of samples, time would become very urgent. The company's measurement technology team leader Mathias Schlegel said, "The next must be fast Read More

  • Attention to every detail


    Attention to every detail Henschel using Zeiss IMT techniques to ensure the quality of heavy challenge gearbox: used in plastics processing equipment, trams and trains ultra-high precision gears Henschel on very heavy very long parts manufacturing. You can now manufacture gearboxes, also you need to purchase third-party long ago. To weigh several tons up to 4 meters steel shell quality testing, you need a very large but precise measuring machine. Bodo Kohlmeyer Henschel, director of quality management therefore invested in a coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss Industrial Measurement Department a few months ago. solution: Read More

Pre-sales technical assistance

When we get customers or potential customers want to buy our product requirements, our standard procedure is to provide the best solutions to meet their needs.

Industry Applications

When we get an order from a customer, our standard procedure is to provide our loyal customers a production and processing table, including parts ......

Sales technical assistance

Only familiar with our products, our customers can use them in the best way. We are committed to invest customized training.

Professional Training

WELDING service center can solve various technical problems, and to provide various types of spare parts in the shortest possible time.


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