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Application coordinate measuring technology in teaching

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Application coordinate measuring technology in teaching

CMM technology covers many disciplines of knowledge, engineering colleges universal application of technology can be integrated into the measuring machine has a corresponding cross-disciplinary teaching, these not only make crosspoint technology companies keep up with the development of teaching engineering colleges, more effective improve students' knowledge and skills.


Xi'an Germany coordinate measuring technology teaching application solutions, combined with the teaching characteristics of the school, the establishment of a progressive training model and the corresponding software and hardware platform. The training is divided into teacher lectures presentations - Students offline simulation operation - on student machines do the actual measurement operation in three stages, each stage has to adapt with training platform.


Teaching applications are mainly reflected in the following areas

First, the geometry and geometrical tolerances detection teaching

For producing the finished products must be workpiece geometry, angles and geometric tolerance evaluation, evaluate whether the object is a workpiece engineering drawings meet design requirements. CMM than traditional methods for measuring student learning advantage can be more vividly so that students master basic definitions and guidelines for measuring tolerance. Compared to the previous ordinary measuring meter, modern enterprises tend to electronic measuring instrument and high-precision measuring equipment. Using the coordinate measuring machine, measurement software may be utilized to compare the measured data with design values, a graphical comparison of the product geometry and geometrical tolerances for accurate detection.

Second, the analog measurements and off-line programming teaching

Engineering students at the school are exposed to mechanical drawing or computer graphics such courses, software for computer-aided drawing (CAD) should be no stranger. CMM software function introduced for CAD, it is a coordinate measuring machine applications and ease of use to push a new height.

Analog measurement is to be measured in a CAD model without the actual software work situation. To perform analog measurements, choose the offline mode, the main function of the analog measurement is automated measurements done offline programming service. For schools, multiplayer measured after teaching is not practical, so students use the computer for offline programming is safe, efficient learning process. After programming is completed, you can call in the CAD environment analog measurement program, a program verification, so that the students can not only find the error measurement path and sampling sites appear during operation, but also by teachers guide students to correct the program the problem may occur in the actual measurement will also minimize, maximize and guarantor measuring machine safety process.

Xi'an Germany CMM Teaching solution application software instruction may be simultaneously connected to a plurality of terminals measured by a teaching simulation server, each terminal may perform the respective analog measurements, respectively. Terminal nodes are connected up to hundreds of / only, each terminal equipped with the operating handle real machine configuration consistent with the concept of true simulated measurements.

It would appear that West Germany measurement coordinate measuring technology Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide learning solutions can improve teaching content, form a comprehensive experimental, innovative experiment as the main body of experimental teaching program, allow the students to learn three-dimensional detection, measurement data professional knowledge and practical knowledge of analysis and diagnosis, mold design, reverse engineering, to enable students to play an active initiative in the teaching process, the knowledge and the design, process integration, broaden horizons students to apply the theoretical knowledge learned, enhance the ability to adapt to business and society.


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