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Application of sophisticated detection technology in modern industrial production

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Application of sophisticated detection technology in modern industrial production

Modern kitchen equipped with intelligent drawer. They can quietly shut down, touches the can open. In order to ensure the normal operation of these systems, manufacturers GRASS Austria adoption Zeiss measuring technology to ensure the quality of their products. Since the introduction of the O-INSPECT composite measuring machine, only half of the company's time to get an initial sample test report.

Challenge: small and sensitive parts

GRASS biggest challenges faced in terms of quality control is to use the system in a drawer in the small and sensitive plastic parts. Before entering the mass production of these components, the member company needs to generate a prototype test report. Just a parts must measure up to 420 parameters. GRASS 10 years has used a contact type coordinate measuring machine is no longer meet the requirements. Plastic very sensitive stylus due to contact and deform, so the measurements obtained are not accurate. Recently, the company uses a variety of measuring equipment, including a conventional vernier caliper gage and height. Generation prototypes test reports take two weeks.

Solution: The system also has an optical and contactless measurement functions

In order to improve the speed and quality tests, GRASS invested an O-INSPECT complex measuring machine in 2008. The system allows the operator to easily switch between a conventional contact scanning and optical measurements. Now using a measuring machine becomes possible to detect all sizes, even fine bore diameter of 0.6 mm. Of the stylus on the conventional coordinate measuring machine, these bore is too small; however, the use of optical measurement, the size is no longer a problem.

Benefits: lower costs half

As a pilot customer, GRASS played a key role in the development process of the O-INSPECT. The system from the beginning of 2009 to run in the Austrian company Hoechst plant. For GRASS operation in terms of quality management director Markus Ehgartner, this investment is definitely value for money: "" do not need two weeks, and now we only need five days to complete the initial testing of the new parts. "" He's employees also benefit from CALYPSO software, it can automatically capture every dimension, but also the part that can quickly analyze everything you need to be presented to the surveyor. GRASS is ready fully prepared to meet the growing demand for smart drawer system.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Austria Hoechst, GRASS GmbH 60 years is one of the world's leading manufacturer of furniture accessories and processing equipment. GRASS rail and hinge system appears on many well-known manufacturers of furniture, such as Miele and LEICHT. "" Every piece of furniture has a charming secret. "" Austrian manufacturer GRASS so described their enthusiasm: the mobile system to provide maximum convenience. Accuracy and quality is the ultimate goal, in terms of production, or by measurement.

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For precision testing industry, a lot of people do not really understand its true meaning, in fact, sophisticated detection industry Plainly, there is nothing mysterious veil, mainly refers to sophisticated detection equipment, secondary yuan image measuring instrument and coordinate measuring machines and the like , then for these secondary yuan and three yuan, which they have specific functions, but also has a wide application in what fields.

Imager and the second element as the primary CMM sophisticated detection equipment, we literally can be seen that they are three-dimensional and two-dimensional detector means detects, mainly for two-dimensional data and three-dimensional data of the workpiece to completion detection simultaneously, the second element imager and CMM measurements at the completion of a predetermined function, according to the actual needs of customers, some of the complex is detected parameters of the workpiece.

The second element image measuring instrument itself using hardware (the CCD, ocular, objective data line, a video capture card) to the captured image can be transmitted via data lines to a computer data acquisition card, after imaging by the software on the computer monitor, quick measurement by the operator using the mouse on your computer. Above a few millionths of a second step of substantially completed, it can be detected in real time him as the device, or it may be referred to as a narrow dynamic measurement apparatus. If the configuration is desirable, the device will not produce an image lag. Due to the size of the workpiece meeting table can select a different stroke. Adjustable brightness light source, can select the most suitable light source brightness under various lighting conditions.

Coordinate measuring machine is measured and the most effective method of obtaining dimensional data, because it can replace more expensive surface measurement tools and gauge combination, and the time required for complex measurement tasks reduced minutes hours. Coordinate measuring machine function is to quickly and accurately evaluate the size of the data, provide useful information about the status of the production process for the operator, which is a big difference with all manual measuring equipment. The CMM is placed the object space obtained coordinate position of each measuring point on the object, according to the spatial coordinate values ​​of these points, calculated to determine the geometry of the object, shape and position.

Coordinate in the actual industrial production, detection precision can be widely applied to various fields and the workpiece measurement, such as mechanical, electronic, mold, injection molding, metal, rubber, low voltage electrical, magnetic materials, precision metal, precision stamping, connector , connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, computer (PC), LCD (the LED), a printed circuit board (PCB, the PCB), automobiles, medical devices, watches, instruments and other parts of the detection precision.


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