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Attention to every detail

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Attention to every detail

Attention to every detailHenschel using Zeiss IMT techniques to ensure the quality of the heavy-duty gearboxes

Ultra-high precision on very heavy very long parts: Challenges

Used in the plastics processing equipment, gear trains and trams Henschel manufacture. You can now manufacture gearboxes, also you need to purchase third-party long ago. To weigh several tons up to 4 meters steel shell quality testing, you need a very large but precise measuring machine. Bodo Kohlmeyer Henschel, director of quality management therefore invested in a coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss Industrial Measurement Department a few months ago. solution:


Solution: with active probe850 mm long styli

"" In our supplier in only three measuring machine can provide to meet our needs. "The main reason described channel selection .Henschel Zeiss Kohlmeyer probe is active on ACCURA, which can automatically correct the relative positions of the parts during measurement.

Henschel since June 2010 start, will work with the ACCURA II. This measuring machine equipped with a special stylus length (850 mm), but also to accurately measure the internal dimensions of the housing large. Henschel using machine detection axis spacing, and parallelism of the bearing bore.


"We have made great progress on the delivery reliability, are also effectively implement our high quality requirements,

"Kohlmeyer concluded.

Earnings: precise detail to maximize control

Kohlmeyer know very well, a measuring machine is well-founded investment sum required. "" Many operations are delayed in the measurement technology, the manual recording, the measurement result is determined by the naked eye. As a result, sometimes it makes you scratching your head. "Kohlmeyer complained For Henschel, the problem is not accurate individual housing providers has become the past." We have made great progress on the delivery reliability, are also effectively implement our high quality requirements. " Kohlmeyer concluded. gear long life and its internationally renowned reliability, Henschel will ensure that in the future will continue to receive orders from customers around the world.


Company Profile

Henschel Antriebstechnik GmbH is one of Germany's leading companies in the field of propulsion technology, but also promote the development of technology plays a key role. Henschel for manufacturing high-performance gear mechanical engineering and plant construction, and housing. The company continued research and development in all areas of gear technology, and promote the introduction of innovative technologies and solutions customized market.


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