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CT mold Zeiss correction solution

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CT mold Zeiss correction solution

Plastic manufacturers Zeiss measurement software to optimize mold flow correction

Factors influencing the quality of

Mass using an injection molding process for producing plastic parts depend on many factors: including injection molding itself, various process parameters to the type of plastic used. For example: shrinkage characteristics affects the size of the injection-molded part. The shrinkage characteristics of the above will depend on other factors, so this can not be very accurate predictions. Mass injection-molding mold can not simply measure for evaluation. Whether injection mold can provide good results can only be determined by the production means used for testing.

Picture 1

Differences in color Zeiss reverse engineering a glance display allows you to know where and how many components excursion. Turning blue represents the size is too small, and turn red oversized.

Mold correction process

Since it is difficult to predict the quality of the injection mold process, the mold must be frequently reworked several times, until the molded article meet quality standards. Precisely measuring assembly must be fully corrected in each session, and then use the results of the online modifications mold. Perform any part of the challenge facing the correction is:

·Accurately capture as many measurement points uniformly distributed

·The measurement result is transmitted to the mold shapeCADdata

·The correction period to ensure that precisely incorporated into the overall shape



Zeiss provide coherent solutions to ensure the entire calibration process more efficient mold. The first to use ZeissMETROTOMComputer tomography to determine the dimensional stability, it can completely collect all internal and external components of the structure. In the standard process, the component is measured and the slicing process each part, and the computer tomography provides important advantages:

·Inspection process will not damage the components.

·The time required is greatly reduced.

·Process reliable: there is no risk of deformation within the scope of the inspection process.

It provides a greater amount of information, because the whole assembly can be collected, rather than just a single section. This can be corrected number of links required are significantly reduced. ZeissCTThe system is highly accurate and can track the results.

Only the blue marker region is a mold for the correction, because decisive for the accuracy of the fit.


Comparison of the color coding selected sub-region setpoint / actual value.


In Zeiss reverse engineering software, you can use plastic components and the use of ratingsMETROTOMThe actual correction data generated by the injection-molding moldCADmodel. The software calibration data set defective die segment assembly, and to ensure that the selected segment is exactly the right. Zeiss using reverse engineeringCTVolume base geometry data detection. Math then combined to create a waterproof surface model, which means that under ideal circumstances, no gap or overlap between the surfaces. Zeiss reverse engineering can be very easily and reliably guarantee the continuity of the conditions laid down.


Faster product manufacturing

Because ZeissMETROTOMQuickly and efficiently capture the actual situation, reverse engineering can be effectively corrected mold, it is possible to significantly reduce and reduce mold correction of repeated links, while still complying with high quality standards.


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