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Cross-enterprise joint training

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Cross-enterprise joint training

Cross-enterprise joint training center was established in September 2016, from the inside Wujin Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, business training centers include: vocational skills training, vocational qualification, international exchanges and cooperation, technical services and consulting, professional skills competitions.


Training Center Key features include: for students, employees and social workers were intelligent manufacturing and robotics fields with high technical skills training and vocational qualification; undertake vocational education, continuing education, HWK / IHK Educational Testing and quality control, international cooperation, business consulting and other functions, to provide personnel and intellectual resources for the enterprise campus, providing talent pool with international vision, knowledge of international rules for government investment projects; to carry out "technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technology services" Siji services to promote scientific research institutions, to achieve the depth of cooperation vocational institutions and enterprises; to undertake the enterprise product development projects, sum up experience teaching and production, promote vocational education and regional integration equipment manufacturing depth.


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