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Full of new energy vehicles Quality Solutions

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Full of new energy vehicles Quality Solutions

From energy to eMotionFull of new energy vehicles Quality Solutions

Zeiss solution provides new energy vehicles Zeiss product line of high-precision equipment, provides a unique overall quality for all components of electric vehicles Amount detecting Solution: battery,Electric drive motor and transmission- From energy to eMotion. -From energy to eMotion.



Battery electric vehicles play an important role in the performance, mileage and life cycle. Either now or in the future, safety, service life, performance and cost are the key factors determining the successful development of battery technology. Every step from development to quality control and production are required to address these factors. Material from the electrodes, battery cell module to the tray, to understand and control the battery characteristics is necessary.


Electronic Control

an examinationPCB and the connector needs to have an automatic imaging millimeter and micron precision measurement solution. Non-destructive X-ray inspection and measurement solutions contribute to the quality control and failure analysis workflow of these components. Electronic components integrated into the module, and install it to the electric vehicle, this involves very tight tolerances, it can be used or the optical contact type coordinate measuring system to control. Zeiss has a broad product mix, measured micron electron microscopy and X-ray, and a contact type measuring method micron and comprising means for automatic image processing method.



Electric cars have a different past Powertrain- single or two speed transmission, as compared to the conventional internal combustion engine up to nine gears. A common engine and the transmission housing, without reducing the quality of the premise, and reduces the number of parts by weight. To ensure the highest performance, lowest wear and quietest operation, you need a lot of measurement and inspection procedures. Zeiss to produce all of these measurement tools, and with manufacturers to design the ideal quality assurance system.



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