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Industrial CT

  • 1500 industrial computer tomography (CT)
    Brand: 德国蔡司
    Model: 1500 industrial computer tomography (CT)
    The gateway to the future of measurement technology - ZEISS METROTOM industrial computer tomography (CT) based. Your workpiece into the measuring chamber, only a key to start scanning. Complete in-depth quality analysis will immediately appear in front of you.METROTOM 1500 - regardless of the size and density of the material parts, the use of this technology tomography coordinate measuring machine is ideal machine for you to deal with a wide range of applications.
  • ZEISS VoluMax CT
    Brand: 德国蔡司
    Model: ZEISS VoluMax CT
    High-throughput computer tomographyZEISS VoluMax CT system is designed for rapid detection of a large number of applications designed for a workpiece. Zeiss can be customized models and corresponding software based on different measurement needs. ZEISS VoluMax can be configured manually or automatically loading and unloading device.
  • Industrial computer tomography (CT)
    Brand: 德国蔡司
    ZEISS METROTOM industrial computed tomography measurement system for measurement and testing of plastic or a light metal member is provided.And in the use of traditional measuring machine, such structural information will be hidden only by time-consuming part of the layers in order to get damaged.Using a Zeiss industrial computed tomography system, an X-ray scan only once, to the successful completion of the measurement and inspection work. The standard acceptance testing, precision engineering and comprehensive calibration program ensures traceability system. And the turntable is equipped with linear guides, meet high demands on accuracy.
  • ZEISS Xradia Context microCT
    Brand: 德国蔡司
    Model: ZEISS Xradia Context microCT
    Zeiss Xradia Context is a large field of view, 3D X-ray non-destructive micro computer tomography system. With powerful and flexible software platform to control the source / detector positioning, you can be in complete 3D environment for large, heavy (25 kg) and high sample imaging, as well as high resolution and small sample details.


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