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Laser Gauge Case

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Laser Gauge Case

High-quality measurement is the measurement instruments, measurement and testing of the whole organic personnel. Compared with the conventional contact-type shape measuring instrument geometry, BenchMike used in the laser non-contact measurement principle. Automatic collection of raw data measurement, processing, digital display technology to reduce errors due to measuring method and personnel caused. Thereby improving the accuracy of the measurement. In some industrial applications, such as delivery inspection, the domestic unit of time to complete a large number of measurements. In this case, while taking into account the measurement accuracy, the measurement requires a higher speed. BenchMike provides high-speed DSP core processing unit, a display control software friendly interface and a variety of data and an interface for communications, the user freed from the heavy measurements. In short, BenchMike is not only a measurement center, or a measurement data processing center as well as a data interchange center. It has the power to ensure that it can be applied to a wide range of fields, but also to make measurements easier. Of particular note is the traditional contact measurement of some soft, friable, radiation, high-precision requirements are helpless measurement tasks, BenchMike can provide satisfactory measurements.


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