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Online measurement robot, automatic measurement solutions in the electrode industry

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Online measurement robot, automatic measurement solutions in the electrode industry

Typical robot measuring station consists of the following components:

· Target compensation for temperature calibration and compensation of the robot

· 3D sensor suitable for optical cable robot path line package

· Controller and measuring station can all subsidiary systems and production lines of communication PLC

The time required depending on the number of measurement points, and depending on the production cycle, the robot may be used one to four, are each disposed an optical sensor. Robot measuring stations provide good flexibility, it is mainly used for a variety of different models of mixed production line, or in the future may need to be measured when the program changes and extensions.

Industry elite gathered offer industrial upgrading

--- automatic measurement programs for batch testing electrode synergy overweight

Mold industry, a traditional, complex and competitive industry! Enterprises are almost daily delivery of tension, frequent design changes, plagued by high liquidity and high-precision processing requirements of workers ... ...

Electrodes (copper well) Automated Intelligent detection solutions, open another door manufacturing industry for the mold



Is a tool used to mold shaped articles, various parts constituting such a tool, a different mold consist of different parts. It is mainly achieved by changing the article shape processing the physical state of the molding material. Mold is one of the basic process equipment machinery, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, home appliances and other industrial products. As the industrial base, the quality of the mold, precision, life plays an important role in the development of other industries, known as "the mother of industry" in the international, national economic development plays an undeniable role.

Mold industry known as "the mother of industry," there is no mold, industrial manufacturing would be impossible. As for the mold industry, the electrode is crucial, because no electrodes, mold making becomes very difficult, so tiny electrodes for industrial purposes pivotal.

Electrode automated detection scheme


Typical electrode (copper male)

Speaking electrode which high precision, low cost key features make the mold tool irreplaceable processing, particularly at high precision machining of the workpiece, with high accuracy and consistent quality specifications of the electrode determines the workpieces the pros and cons.

Mold companies typically consumes daily thousands of electrodes by the electrode discharge cause metal corrosion and high temperature and pressure to obtain the desired shape, can be processed in conventional cutting profile can not be processed, high hardness materials can also be processed.

In the workpiece accuracy and increasingly overstating today, whether fast and accurate batch processing accuracy of measuring electrodes, became the determining factor whether the enterprise quality and quantity of output.

Automated electrode detection solutions:

Electrode means is automatically detected by an industrial robot, smart electrodes library, coordinate measuring machines and composed of a central control system.



Automatic detection electrode improves detection efficiency, the release of production capacity, saving the cost of doing business, the more the number of electrodes, compared to the traditional method of measuring the more obvious advantages. While simplifying the detection process, the operator can release it from programming tasks, the electrodes only need to select the information, can be automatically detected, unattended automatic detection efficiency more than 50%.


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