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Online-type coordinate measuring machine

  • Image measuring instrument
    Brand: 德国蔡司
    Model: Image measuring instrument
    O-INSPECT complex measuring machine from Zeiss enable you to be measured over each feature - by optical or contact. An important feature: O-INSPECT reliable dimensional accuracy meets ISO standards in a temperature range of 18-30 deg.] C.
  • Online-type coordinate measuring machine
    Model: Online-type coordinate measuring machine
    Drag-type ultra high speed series coordinate measuring machine, having a wide temperature range, measuring a powerful, stable performance, high precision, simple, fast and efficient, easy maintenance, high-precision linear guide which technology, super high-speed linear motor driving, with a plurality of workpieces and the ambient temperature sensor, is used in a wide temperature condition of speed, precision, no gas source coordinate measuring machine, particularly suitable for use in automated production line as a workshop environment detection unit, can also be integrated as a workshop inspection station applications.


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