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Three-dimensional scanner

  • T-SCAN
    Brand: 森沃斯
    Model: T-SCAN
    The automated measurement configuration has a unique T-SCAN laser scanner function, it can provide an extremely efficient workflow mass repeated measurement operation control (e.g., fully integrated solution for the production cycle statistical process synchronization control).
    Brand: 森沃斯
    Model: T-SCAN LV
    T-SCAN LV hand-held scanning system, modular system configuration, used in conjunction with the latest tracker, to provide users with personalized application solutions. T-SCAN LV hand-held laser scanner, hand-held lighter, can be efficiently applied to large-sized workpieces without fatigue measurements. There are T-POINT LV measurement light pen Alternatively, for high-speed and simple single point measurement.
    Brand: 森沃斯
    Model: COMET L3D
    Very compact three-dimensional sensor COMET L3D high performance and cost-effective entry level solution to create a new chapter and efficient three-dimensional data acquisition area. New super portable scanner so that the 3D data collection, not only fast,


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