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Zeiss, as a provider of comprehensive solutions, it is your ideal partner for the implementation of the monitoring system in the production line, laboratory, near the production line. Drag Zeiss DuraMax type coordinate measuring machine is widely used in measuring small parts, instead of conventional gauge gage. Enabling the plant product, first article inspection, process incoming inspection and product sampling. Zeiss DuraMax worthy of your trust, stand the comparison for you to improve production efficiency and product quality continues to help.
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ZEISS CALYPSO rules for common geometry measurement software

1) Key Features Overview

Automatic movement path

Efficient operation of automated measurement, recording without unnecessary features

ZEISS CALYPSO PMI: using the product and measurement information on the CAD model to generate a measurement program automatically

Contains ZEISS PiWeb reporting: there are professional interaction

I for controlling non-Zeiss measuring machine interfaces ++ DME

2) a specialized solution

Wherein the drawing shows which must be measured; size, shape and position error tolerance values. And other measuring program different is that in the ZEISS CALYPSO, these features are also programmed starting point. To create the measuring program is easy to learn, targeted, and efficient.

Geometric characteristics desired characteristics, for example: circular, line or plane, ZEISS CALYPSO be separately managed. The features and characteristics of the separation, allowing ZEISS CALYPSO more flexible, faster, more simple operation.

3) more flexibility

Simple and convenient way to produce the measurement program - also may depend on the user's desired order.

You can easily change the order of the measurement operation in the measuring program.

Any selected component from the characteristics of the drawing, to allow automatic ZEISS CALYPSO portion measured immediately.

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ZEISS CALYPSO PMI: automatically generated measurement procedures

4) using the ZEISS CALYPSO PMI automatically from a CAD model to the measurement procedures

ZEISS CALYPSO standard kit includes the latest ZEISS CALYPSO PMI function. Product and Manufacturing PMI is the abbreviation for Information (product and manufacturing information). It may be automatically performed in a manner to measure the program by means ZEISS CALYPSO PMI, contained in the CAD model size, shape and position tolerance value products and manufacturing information, thus significantly reducing the workload of the user.

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5) comprising a ZEISS PiWeb reporting

ZEISS PiWeb reporting is included in the delivery range of ZEISS CALYPSO. Users can use report templates or create your own reports or templates. ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus the option that allows the user statistics contained increased from 10 to 1,000 measurements. ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb Enterprise suite provides users a complete set of network quality data management systems.

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SENVS Suzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.Is specialized in smart devices and equipment, intelligent detection measurement equipment, industrial 4.0 intelligent plant integration, teaching instruments and equipment, joint training across the enterprise, sales and technical training, integration of the company, serving modern equipment manufacturing, industry products involved are: mechanical , aerospace, automotive, communications, rail transportation, power engineering, textile, industrial robots, third-party laboratories, national testing agencies, research institutes university colleges, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, energy and other areas to provide quality testing equipment, non-standard automation equipment and related technical services, and integrated solutions.

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