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Zeiss CMM structure

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Zeiss CMM structure

CMM generally fixed gantry structure, high precision and stability of the cold!

The following figure shows the German Zeiss coordinate measuring mechanism made:

All parts are by mechanical precision, high dynamic performance and high resistance to environmental change to design

u bridge measuring machine, fixed table, a single-drive, the shafts are surrounded on all sides using air bearings.

u for each axis computer-aided error correction (CAA precision computer aided)

u spindle and beams, the main column using insensitive to temperature and humidity aerospace ceramic material

u with efficient passive vibration isolation system made of a rubber spring element, without investment cost foundation

u the model with Zeiss RDS automatic rotating probe.

u ergonomic dual-joystick control system.

u ergonomic machine guards outside

u oil filter can be an air filter and drainage means

u are each DC servo motor drive shaft

u advanced geometrical error compensation parameters 21

u rigorous calibration accuracy specification: acceptance stylus length of 40 mm, closer to the user environment. While other brands acceptance probe length was 20mm., Is not really practical for the user environment.

Picture 1

Key Ingredients:

1. Zeiss X-Z coordinate axis key parts using industrial ceramic technology, high precision and long-term stability.

2. coordinate accuracy from grating, microcrystalline glass ceramic Zeiss scale, 0 ° expansion coefficient, the precision from the environment.


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