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  • History Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine


    Zeiss company as a global high-tech group, controlled by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, since 1846, has been founded 168 years of history, in the semiconductor technology, industrial measuring equipment, microscopes, medical equipment, vision care and optical consumer goods and other fields the world's leading position, the company's global headquarters in Germany Ao Boke enjoy. Currently Zeiss six business groups operating in the world more than 40 countries, has more than 24,000 employees, which uphold the tradition of continuous innovation, constantly challenging the limits of human imagination, enjoy the highest reputation in the industry, the use of the first moon landing in 1969 Zeiss lens, precision manufacturing almost all F1 cars are reliant on Zeiss industrial measuring technology, over thirty Nobel Prize winners has changed the world of science, and many other well-known classic moment for the world by means of Zeiss technology! In the field of industrial measuring instruments, since 1973, successfully produced the world's first CNC coordinate Read More

  • Zeiss CMM structure


    CMM generally fixed gantry structure, high precision and stability of the cold! The following figure shows German Zeiss CMM mechanism made: All mechanical parts are by high precision, high dynamic performance and high resistance to environmental change design u bridge measuring machine, fixed table, a single-drive, four axes are employed surrounded by air bearings. u for each axis computer-aided error correction (CAA precision computer aided) u axis and beam, using the main column is not sensitive to temperature and humidity aerospace ceramic material comprises u efficient passive vibration isolation system made of a rubber spring element, without u put the cost of the foundation of the models are equipped with Zeiss RDS automatic rotating probe. u ergonomic dual-joystick control system. U ergonomic machine outer shield can u oil filtering apparatus of an air filter and drainage u are each DC servo motors driven shaft u Read More

  • Upgrading to make measurements more reliable


    Upgrade uncertainty. Get great value new ZEISS SPECTRUM CMM's advanced technology will enable you to get higher quality. Moreover, scanning techniques may be implemented ZEISS VAST XXT roundness error measurement, for which increasing demand for quality and productivity would be ideal. Unmatched measurement technique provides better data quality ZEISS SPECTRUM measurements for you can carry various contact sensor, and comprising a ZEISS VAST XXT XDT. ZEISS VAST XXT scanning capabilities focused on efficiency and a more reliable measurement: can quickly detect a large amount of data and high quality work. It eliminates the single point measurement caused by measurement error, thereby achieving higher reliability and reproducibility. Read More

  • Trust bridge measuring machine Zeiss


    ACCURA bridge using a Zeiss coordinate measuring machine, the world market leader intends to further improve the accuracy of its cable car system, and closely pursued by the company and its corporate culture with 100% quality together. Doppelmayr cable carriage trust bridge measuring machine Zeiss eight seats, strong wind gusts, and the air a few hundred meters operating altitude: Doppelmayr often encounter ski during extreme demands in the ordinary course of business. It can also be discerned in those huge member Austria Wolfurt from building cable car system. At the top and foot of the cable car station has a large cable guide pulleys, center pulleys member sometimes weighing two tons, is surrounded by four wing-like members. In the manufacture of such parts, a hundredth of a millimeter precision if the deviation will have significant impact. Deviate from the ideal size does not necessarily mean there is a security risk; however, even a harmless glitch, also Read More

  • By the detector to a deep understanding of


    By the detector to a deep understanding for a better world and work in Germany GEA Refrigeration System Co., Ltd. screw compressor is the core component of the refrigeration system, as a key part of the process chain for the transport of liquefied natural gas to ensure the required low temperature. GEA select three Zeiss MMZ T coordinate measuring machine includes a large measuring machines equipped with turret systems, including, compressor designed to ensure and enhance the quality and energy efficiency. Zeiss CMM screw compressor to ensure high quality challenge: precise gas must be cooled to a large workpieces 163 degrees Celsius before converted to liquefied natural gas (LNG). Thereby reducing the volume thereof is about one six-hundredth, it takes up less space and easy to transport. Important part of the large screw compressors from Germany GEA Refrigeration System Co., Ltd. is a large compressor system. This compressors "heart" of the twin screw rotors in order to achieve a gas pressure Read More

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